Pardoned felon Roger Stone calls Black reporter ‘Negro’ during interview

Pardoned felon Roger Stone calls Black reporter 'Negro' during interview
Radio host Mo Kelly (Image source: Instagram – @mrmokelly)

Roger Stone, a friend and former adviser of the president, who had his federal conviction commuted, can be heard calling a Black reporter “Negro” during a recent interview.

The episode popped off when Stone was peppered with tough questions by Black radio host Morris W. O’Kelly on the “Mr. Mo’Kelly Show” on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles.

When O’Kelly questioned the dubious rationale for why the president commuted Stone’s 40-month sentencing for lying to Congress and witness tampering, Stone can be heard pausing before saying “I don’t feel like arguing with this Negro.”

As you can hear in the audio, Stone clearly says the word “Negro” out of exasperation before going silent. O’Kelly quickly reacted to hearing the word: “Roger? I’m sorry, what did you say?”

During the pregnant pause, which lasts 40 seconds, Stone finally sighed audibly and responded: “Uhh, you’re back, you there? Hello?”

When O’Kelly asked about the word “Negro,” Stone denied he said it.

“I did not. You’re out of your mind. You’re out of your mind,” Stone said, blaming the phone connection.

O’Kelly later likened the derogatory term to a “diet version of the N-word” which is something he says he encounters “pretty frequently.”

“The only thing that I felt was true, honest and sincere that Roger Stone said was in that moment that he thought I was not listening,” O’Kelly told NBC News. “All of my professional accolades, all my professional bona fides went out the window because as far as he was concerned, he was talking and arguing with a Negro.”

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