New Peacock streaming service focuses on diversity in programming

Many networks are scrambling for diversity options in programming because of current events. Are you happy with the representation of people of color in programming for Peacock?

I’m encouraged by the team’s genuine commitment to amplifying diverse voices and their desire to authentically enact change while striving to be better. We can always do better and more. We have thousands of hours of diverse programming on Peacock today and we have exciting partnerships and projects coming up from brilliant creators where our commitment to elevate diverse voices will be evident. We’re looking to highlight good storytelling, from the best creatives in the industry, who have a different perspective and stories that deserve to be told. Over the last few months, we’ve used our platform to showcase diverse titles on Peacock via a curated rail. From featuring timely specials from NBC News like “Growing Up Black: Families Confronting Racism,” movies like Do The Right Thing and The Express, documentaries like [Nas:] Time Is Illmatic, I Am Ali and Willie, and short-form content like breaking news from NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC.

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