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Michelle Watson has a solution for parents struggling with virtual learning

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While some parents have opted not to send their children back to school this fall, there is a pressing issue of students not missing out on the full learning experience they would receive in the classroom. Michelle Watson, founder of The Watson Academy, wants parents to know their program is here to help both students and parents adjust. Much like Kumon or Sylvan Learning centers, the Watson Academy, located in Smyrna, Georgia, seeks to work alongside traditional education methods.

2020 presented an issue that many parents had never experienced with schools closing and students being forced into virtual learning, which requires much more parental involvement. Was this a motivator for you to start The Watson Academy?

When schools began to implement virtual learning, I witnessed parents from all walks of life struggling to assist their children academically. Parents had to find a new norm with balancing work, home and school. Many parents were not equipped with the tools or resources to do that successfully. A lot of households dont have the technology while others dont have a parent at home who is tech-savvy enough to use the online applications required for remote learning. It puts a lot of stress on parents if their child needs to download an application that they arent familiar with and no one is there to offer them technical support. Our support staff members will be there to assist the students with classwork while also offering technical support — all while following CDC social distancing and disinfecting guidelines.

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