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Michelle Watson has a solution for parents struggling with virtual learning

How can additional tutoring with organizations like The Watson Academy help prepare children for standardized tests and even being more successful later in life?

Programs that offer tutoring can be the deciding factor that determines how far a child will go academically. Many children arent able to get the resources they need at home or school to excel academically. Our programs not only offer academic support but the life skills needed to be successful in the real world. There are many great programs out there like The Watson Academy, so its important to research organizations in your community. I always recommend that parents get their children involved with their local 4-H program. They do a phenomenal job of providing our young people with academic support, public speaking and STEM.

What advice would you give to parents struggling to help their children learn at home because the style is so different than what they experienced when they were in school?

My advice to parents would be to be prepared, patient, and practice a routine. Both parents and children should go into virtual learning with an open mind and an understanding that a lot of things may, and have changed. Keeping communication open with teachers will also help parents seek support and receive any additional information to keep their child on task.


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