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Pod Digital Media founder Gary Coichy making big moves with Angela Yee

How do you see audio growing right now in this community?

It’s growing tremendously. Influencer marketing right now is a $10 billion industry. That’s brands leveraging influencers’ large followings whether it’s YouTube, Instagram or Facebook to promote their products. If we go back the real influencers were the radio DJs. From parties to the type of car and type of clothes that you are wearing, we heard it from the radio. Fast forward to where we are now in the digital age, were not sitting around going to an AM or FM station. But, we can easily access our favorite radio DJ, athlete, or sportsperson. We can tune in and listen to them from a podcast perspective or even on the digital channels. Audio has taken over the influencer space.

Who are some of the big podcasters who have joined Pod Digital Media?

We work with Angela Yee. She has a nationally syndicated show on Power 105 which is a part of iHeart Radio but she has her own show that’s called “Lip Service.” We work with TV legend Ed Lover. His podcast is called “C’mon Son!” We work with Charlamagne’s “Brilliant Idiots.” We’ve done some work with Jackie Ann Reid and Joy-Ann Reid on their podcast “Reid This Reid That.” Now we’re working with the NBAPA and they’re putting together a list of active NBA players that are willing to create their own podcast content.

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