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Pod Digital Media founder Gary Coichy making big moves with Angela Yee

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Gary Coichy is the founder and head of partnerships for Pod Digital Media. He obtained his bachelor’s from Berkeley College in White Plains, New York, and has an executive certificate from Cornell University.

Coichy has worked for some of the nation’s largest media agencies and brands, including WPP Mediacom, Omnicom Resolution Media, Verizon, BMW and Dell.

After 15 years of leading marketing efforts on both the agency and brand side, Coichy decided to launch Pod Digital Media —  the first multicultural podcast agency network giving advertisers access to the multicultural audience segment in the podcast ecosystem.

Discuss redlining in the advertising market.

I’ve worked at all those large agencies on the media side where I was the guy that was buying those plans from publications like rolling outEssence, Facebook, Google, you name it. I was leading those media buying teams to buy different ad spaces. That has helped me understand the process. Now that we’re on the vendor side we have something to offer those agencies. We have to make sure that our product is viable enough so that we can end up with a media plan and it’s not easy. Relationships are everything, so it has been a matter of making sure that we’re knocking on every door. The value proposition of those that we represent in the multicultural segment is $3.1 trillion dollars of buying power. So it’s about presenting on the data, the facts and continuing to so that we can avoid redlining.

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