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Nikia Londy of Intriguing Hair helps women with hair loss regain confidence

Nikia Londy of Intriguing Hair helps women with hair loss regain confidence
Nikia Londy, owner of Intriguing Hair. (Photo credit: Daniel Irvin)

For many women, hair loss is an uncontrollable and unmanageable problem that often leads to low self-esteem. When hair loss occurs, it can be caused by stress, illness and many other factors. As women try to determine the root of the problem, they usually explore many expensive treatments.

Massachusetts-based hairstylist Nikia Londy knows all about this problem and is using her businesses to help these women restore their confidence. Londy is the owner of Intriguing Hair, a one-stop-shop salon where customers can purchase high-quality hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces.

This is no typical hair salon. Londy also has dedicated herself to creating wigs and hair extensions for women suffering from hair loss due to alopecia and cancer. Not only does she aid the women in regaining a sense of self, but she also helps them with expenses.

Intriguing Hair works with a network of 100 insurance companies to offer medical reimbursement in part or in full for her services.

Rolling out spoke with Londy about the work she’s doing and what it means to the women she helps.

Describe the reaction when these women see themselves in the mirror.

… A lot of tears happen. It’s a very emotional thing. I get so many long messages, testimonials and reviews that make me cry. I recently had a woman with stage five cancer, and she sent me an email about how it made her feel so good that she could see her grandmother one last time and look like she did before the hair loss. You can’t describe that or put that into words. It makes you feel great.

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