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Sports » WNBA’s Renee Montgomery, sports exec Tori Miller inspire with EmpowerHER chat

WNBA’s Renee Montgomery, sports exec Tori Miller inspire with EmpowerHER chat

Renee Montgomery (top left); Tori Miller (top right); Annie Finberg (bottom). (Photo c0urtesy of Atlanta Hawks)

The Atlanta Hawks recently hosted a one-hour discussion called “EmpowHER by Lady Ballers,” which featured a conversation with two-time WNBA champion and activist Renee Montgomery and College Park Skyhawks general manager Tori Miller. The conversation was moderated by Annie Finberg, a reporter and senior coordinator of digital content for the Atlanta Hawks.

With more than 100 girls in attendance virtually, Miller and Montgomery shared how they overcame obstacles and provided their visions for the future.

“Sports give you confidence,” Montgomery said. “You have to have confidence when people will critique everything you do. Sports gave me confidence because every time I faced failure, I figured out how to win. I’ve already been in position because it gives you the experience of trial and error.”

Montgomery decided to step away from the WNBA to focus more on social justice.

“My decision was hard,” she revealed. “It’s like giving up something I’ve dedicated myself to for my entire life, but that’s what I felt where my mind was. If my passion is out here to do positive for the community, it couldn’t be there for basketball. This is a unique time where kids are talking about the movement. There’s something about this moment that is unique and special.”

Miller made history becoming the first woman to serve as general manager of the NBA G League.

“I’m a firm believer that every no has prepared me for my next opportunity,” Miller said. “You have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to go from good to great. I had to sit in my room and think about what sets me apart from my counterparts…Since being appointed GM, it’s been humbling to be a role model for young girls. It is a huge moment.”

The Atlanta Hawks Lady Ballers Program aims to support youth basketball participation and improve the overall youth basketball experience for girls. This was the first virtual event for the Lady Ballers Program and is part of the Hawks at Home initiative, which was created to educate and engage youth in a safe and health-conscious manner during social distancing.