Black cartoonist dropped for art discussing BLM and coronavirus issues (photo)

Pioneering cartoonist Bianca Xunise (Image source: Instagram – @biancaxunise)

A history-making Black cartoonist is firing back at critics after some newspapers stopped running her comic strips because she covered the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19.

Bianca Xunise recently made history as the second African American female in history to have her work syndicated nationally. She is also the first Black woman to have ever been hired by Six Chix, which she co-authors.

However, some of the 120 newspapers who distribute Six Chix cartoon strips suddenly dropped the strips when Xunise had the following message published that centered around the politically charged issues of the day. 

Angry White readers poured molten lava responses into the newspapers that carried the comic strip, prompting some of the publications to apologize and to state they will never run Six Chix again.

Interestingly enough, as this writer perused through several publications that ran this story, the specific reason why the aforementioned comic strip upset the readers was never given.

After Xunise was apprised of what some of the newspapers decided to do with her strip, the woman who writes under Scary Bradshaw on Twitter began going on the offensive in explaining her unmovable position.

Later on Instagram, Xunise decried the blatant encroachment on, if not outright trampling of, her First Amendment privileges that are supposed to protect her right to free speech.

And, yes, you guessed it: Xunise, who is also an unabashed Black goth, is not about to apologize for not sanitizing her message in order to make it more palatable to Caucasian consumers.

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