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Singer Kei LaGuins believes music has a responsibility to heal the soul

Kei La Guins (Photo credit: Jay Productions Agency)

New songstress Kei LaGuins recalls names like Brian McKnight, Brandy, Monica, Jodeci, Tank, Jagged Edge and Mary J Blige as inspirations for her as a young girl shaping her craft. Today, as an up and coming artist, she believes her polished sound is what separates her from the competition.

What is the difference between a polished sound and soul music?

I would define a polished sound as a vocal performance that you can tell has been developed; it’s more than just talent. Soul music comes from the heart of the soul. I do think a polished sound is something that a person works on over a period of time to perfect to reach a certain satisfaction level as to how great it sounds after perfecting one’s craft and then that soulful sound comes from the heart. Anyone can perfect a craft if they put their mind to it. It takes dedication. I feel music is the heart. We just have to allow it to truly be heard and to feel it.

Music has been called a healer. What responsibility do you feel as an artist to inspire others?

To tell a story to help someone to feel better or to give a message to provide music that they can feel. Music that touches their emotions. As an artist, we are responsible for painting pictures of reality in our music through words and sound. It’s important to recognize what’s going on in the world and to share it in a beautiful way, even if it means speaking the dark truth through song. It is true that music connects with our emotions. I want the listener to hear the beauty and truth in my words, words that have power and meaning to heal. I want to bring people together as one.

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