Entrepreneur Candace Holyfield teaches spa owners how to rake in the dough

Entrepreneur Candace Holyfield teaches spa owners how to rake in the dough
Candace Holyfield (Photo credit: Joo Louis)

Candace Holyfield is a true testament to the idea that no situation is too difficult to overcome.

She went from extremely humble beginnings to becoming a millionaire serial entrepreneur.

Known as Candace “Six Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield, she is the owner of I Love Candy Spa Parties in Memphis, Tennessee, and a VIP spa concierge service in Atlanta.

Holyfield’s success ignited her desire to teach and empower others about the spa industry so that they can secure the bag. Through her platform, Spa Boss Tribe, she has helped over 500 spa owners reach six-figure earnings.

Aside from her spa businesses, Holyfield is also an author, motivational speaker, the owner of a trucking company, and a CBD product line.

We spoke to Holyfield about her inspirational journey and how she is helping women achieve their goals.

What inspired you to share your knowledge to help others achieve success as spa owners?

I noticed that we were underpaid and that we were not making enough money to live the lives that we desire. If people go to #massagetherapist [on social media] you won’t see a lot of Black people. If you go under the #esthetician, you will not see a lot of Black people. The spa shows and spa magazines are dominated by people who do not look like us. During my journey as a massage therapist, I created my brand, the Six Figure Spa Chick, and I started helping other Black spa owners make money on Groupon. I know a lot of people have heard about Groupon, and a lot of service-based providers hate Groupon, but I found a way to really master Groupon. That’s how I made my first six figures and took my spot to the next level. I just started helping people master Groupon.

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