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Entrepreneur Candace Holyfield teaches spa owners how to rake in the dough

What is the first step to take for those who want to own a spa? 

I own a medical spa. The average day spa owner only makes $35,000 a year whereas, with medical spas, you can make millions of dollars. I have a medical doctor and a nurse practitioner on staff. You have to decide what type of spa you want first and the choices are unlimited. You can have a kid’s spa or you can have a reflexology spa where you focus on triggers points in the feet. You can have a weight loss center and just do body contouring. You can do skincare or you can do massages. It’s about first just deciding what type of spa you want and then seeing what licenses and permits are needed.

How have you adjusted as a business owner during this pandemic? 

Most spas have been closed down for over three months now and in some cities, spas are still closed. A lot of spa owners don’t do Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or have an online presence. So during this time, we did so many classes for spa owners to show them how to retail during the pandemic, because the post office never closed.

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