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Dayna Bolden shares empowering message about investing in yourself

What life lessons have helped you to succeed as a business owner?   

Investing in myself because once I invested in myself that meant I trusted in myself. Most people are scared to trust themselves by investing money into themselves with their branding, website, products or business. If you’re feeling like you can’t trust yourself enough to invest in your business, how can you expect brands and customers to trust and invest in you? You have to be your first and biggest fan. Put in the effort to work so hard that the investment in yourself pays off. Investing in yourself is not always monetary. It can be your time that you take out to prepare and plan things out to get things done. I was willing to do whatever it took to help propel me to where I am now.

During this pandemic, what advice can you give to encourage and empower others? 

Build your legacy and what you want people to remember you for. Be an example, and figure out how you want to inspire others. Be intentional and change the people you are around and think about how you want to be remembered.

–tie cooper

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