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Brandi Harvey empowering Black women with wellness brand Beyond Her

Brandi Harvey (Photo courtesy of Will Sterling)

When Brandi Harvey isn’t hosting her podcast “BeyondHer” and doing Twin Talk with her sister Karli Harvey Raymond, she is dedicating her time and talents to uplifting and empowering women through her lifestyle brand.

Launched in 2018, Beyond Her is an active wellness and lifestyle brand for women of color. Harvey knows the daily stresses women face and she is committed to teaching women a better way to live.

We spoke with Harvey about staying focused during this moment and freeing yourself from negativity.

How have you maintained your focus during the pandemic?

I feel like the pandemic has been a good thing for me. It’s given me an opportunity to slow down, to really get quiet, and to really start reading and studying like I knew I was supposed to do anyway. I launched a new class during COVID, Freedom School, because we are getting women free from the stuff that’s got them chained up in bondage. I teach spiritual resistance and how to break free from the stuff that you can’t see. I’ve been good, I still drink my water and mind my business.

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