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Trumpeter Tiffany Goode makes noise in jazz with ‘Today Was A Goode Day’ CD

It helps that Goode has an effervescent personality to go with her deft skills on the trumpet, which helped her acclimate quickly to the genre’s predominantly male environs.

“You become that cool girl, right? The girl that, you know, you can hang out with the guys and chill,” she said. “But you have to be very competitive, right? I am a competitive beam. And so that worked in my favor.”

Goode was also savvy enough to add other skills to her artistic repertoire. She studied audio engineering at Hampton University, which led her to work with the likes of “New Jack Swing” creator and legend, Teddy Riley.

Goode also portrayed pioneer Cynthia Robinson, a female trumpet trailblazer and one of the founders of Sly and the Family Stone, during season 2 of “American Soul” on BET. In fact, Goode has been featured in several independent films including Joy Road, Every Scar and Dimple and Break/Fast.

Artistic versatility actually defines Goode. The Atlanta resident is prepared to unfurl an all-female reggae band soon. And between that and Today Was A Goode Day, listeners are guaranteed to have a “Goode” time.

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