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Fans rip Omari Hardwick for referring to Chadwick Boseman as his ‘competitor’

Hardwick also responded to another fan, who criticized him for the “picking up crown” sentiment in this part of his message: “A wise man told me this morning…’In the Kingdom no crown is wasted. When one man drops his crown, another man picks it up. Pick it up O!’

“From king Chadwick to king Hardwick….i will do just THAT my brother. Rest in your glory 🙏🏾🦅 👑”

In response, Hardwick wrote on Instagram that he was “sorry” that some people didn’t “get” that he was, in fact, honoring Boseman.

“His person. His art. His humility. His purpose. His kingship. And that in the business of it all…where we compete for roles whether want to believe it or not…it was my HONOR to be in that pool against him,” he continued. “Every day of our lives we compete. I humbly honored a man I was sooo honored to compete with. I equally honor hearts & eyes like yours. God bless you and your tribe.”

But the hits just kept coming from outraged fans until Hardwick eventually turned off the comments on the post.

What do you think of Hardwick’s IG tribute to Boseman?


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