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Pretty Vee: Class is in session; life lessons from the life of the party

What do you tell young mothers who are seeking success?

Never give up, be the best mother that you can be, and make sure that the one that you’re providing for is OK. Do not put yourself in front of your child. The other day, I saw a mother with a mask on, but the child did not have a mask. Protect your child, then protect you. So, for all the moms out there, I want them to never give up. Strive for what you want to do, and love your child unconditionally. We give up because we hear people say, “You’re a bad mother.” My mother had three kids, but she never gave up. I’m here.

What made you want to strive for more?

For me, being in places and spaces, it was never peachy keen. I didn’t come from a family of billionaires, but we had love. We were OK. But then, [during] some parts of it, we were confused and lost and watched my mother move to different places. But she never put someone else in front of us. She always made us first. So, I think everyone should always appreciate where they come from, appreciate where they’ve been and where they’re going because where you’ve been is your story. Where you finish is your testimony. But at the end of the day, whatever your auntie taught you, whatever your grandmother taught you, always keep that with you. My aunt was not a millionaire, but I was never hungry. So, when you make it, it’s important to never forget where you came from. Chase your dreams, and don’t get comfortable.

How does a higher power keep you grounded? 

I ask God to continue to favor me and continue to intervene in my life. Anything negative that comes in my life, I ask that [be] removed because where I’m going to go, you have called me to be. And I’m going to strive for greatness. Just keep me going, keep me authentic, keep me raw and uncut. Keep me relatable, keep me humble and just continue to walk with me because I’m not finished and my assignment is not finished. I have a purpose.

Story by A.R. Shaw

Images by Jo’v (Instagram – @designerjov)

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