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Parent of Black content based Instagram page sells for $85M; owner of ‘Black page’ not Black

Photo Credit: Memegenerator, Mos Def on “Chappelle Show,” The Black Delegation

The owner of the Black-themed Instagram page “Daquan” has reportedly sold the brand for $85 million. However, the brand is not owned by a Black person.

On Sept. 5, VladTV reported that Warner Music Group purchased IMGN Media for $85 million. The company creates Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok pages and post memes and videos that are likely to go viral.

One of the company’s most popular sites is “Daquan,” which has 15 million followers on Instagram. The site, which features Black content, is owned by Barak Shragai, who is reportedly from Isreal. Shragai reportedly bought the page from a Canadian Black teenager in 2016, but the profile photos were never changed.

The recent deal caused some to view the Instagram account as a form of “digital Blackface.”

Here are responses on social media.