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Jerod Couch and team take season 2 of ‘#Washed’ to the next level

Mya Nadirah Shakir and Trent Jonathan Egbuna star in “#Washed.”  (Photo credit: Jamarrio Washington)

What can viewers expect in season two?

Season two (or as we call it SZN 2) is more of “#Washed” 2.0. It feels like a totally different show, visually, sonically, and our new actors are phenomenal in addition to returning actors taking big steps forward. The soundtrack is still amazing. The storyline is much more dramatic while maintaining it’s comedic nature. We don’t take life too seriously and try to bring levity to the most serious situations. We hope we properly portrayed a slice of life that most people experience in a relatable, dramatic, hilarious fashion.

We undoubtedly elevated thanks to the restructured production team highlighted by a rising star in filmmaking, our new director of photography, Jamarrio Washington. He transformed the look of “#Washed” to a point where it feels like a whole new series.

Season two of “#Washed” is out now, and available to Amazon Prime Video viewers.

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