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Kanye West spent $6 million on his presidential campaign in 1 month

Kanye West and wife Kim (Photo credit: Bang/Splash News)

No one thinks more of Kanye West … than Kanye West. Evidence of how highly he views himself can be found in the documents that show he provided the vast majority of the millions used to fund his 2020 presidential aspirations.

The required Federal Election Commission documents also confirm many political pundits speculation that Kanye is being backed by influential members of the Republican Party.

The 43-year-old “Jesus Walks” rapper loaned his presidential campaign nearly $6 million for just a month of a campaign that was launched on the Fourth of July. In FEC documents, where meticulous records of donations and expenditures must be kept, West wrote checks for $2 million and $3.6 million to subsidize his Kanye 2020 campaign, The Hill reports.

Conversely, he managed to only take in $11,000 from donors on this controversial, bizarre and quixotic bid for the White House.

The FEC documents obtained by the likes of The Hill show the break down of West’s expenditures as such:

– West wrote a check for $1.3 million to Atlas Strategy Group, which The Hill said is run by GOP influencer Greg Keller;

– Millennial Strategies got another 2.6 million from Kanye in consulting fees;

– Of the $6 million spent, $4.4 million has gone to ensure that West qualifies for states’ general election ballot. Currently, West is listed on at least 11 states’ ballots;

– West remains $1.2 million in debt to consultants, the documents show. Since West is a billionaire, that should not be a problem for him.