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Jonathan Majors boards ‘Ant-Man 3’ as next Marvel Cinematic Universe villain

Jonathan Majors (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Ant-Man 3 has cast Jonathan Majors as the next Marvel Cinematic Universe villain. The “Lovecraft Country” star is set to portray the supervillain Kang the Conqueror in the sequel to 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. The site also claims that Kang, a time-traveling opponent of the Avengers, could make an appearance in future MCU films, too.

Meanwhile, Peyton Reed recently teased that the currently-untitled third installment in the franchise will be “more sprawling” than the first two movies. The 56-year-old director said it will be “much bigger” and have a “very different visual template.” He said: “We are working away through the pandemic. “There’s some really really really exciting things in store, none of which of course I could speak to you about right now, as is the Marvel way … I think the third Ant-Man movie is going to be a much bigger, more sprawling movie than the first two.

Reed also recently confirmed that Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly will share equal billing in the film. The director called Ant-Man’s Scott Lang and the Wasp’s Hope van Dyne “a partnership,” saying Rudd and Lilly will be of equal importance. He said: “They’re a partnership, and she’s a very, very important part of that.”

Reed is proud of the impact of the Ant-Man franchise, especially because it was the first Marvel movie to feature a female superhero in its title. The filmmaker — who helmed the first two movies in the Ant-Man series — explained: “I guess technically we were the first Marvel movie with a female hero in the title of the movie. “Finding that balance in that movie, that’s very important to me because that’s very much a men’s playing field, historically. But that’s really, really changing now in a great way.”