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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Aesthetician Terrelle Hunt specializes in acne treatment for African Americans

Aesthetician Terrelle Hunt specializes in acne treatment for African Americans

Terrelle Hunt (Photo courtesy of The sweetest Things Photography)

Terrelle Hunt is a medical aesthetician at B-New Beauty Studio in Atlanta.

Hunt works to help her clients illuminate their natural beauty. She offers services including facials, dermaplaning, microneedling and more.

Not only does Hunt focus on providing quality treatments for her clients, but she also prides herself on helping them understand their skin.

We spoke with Hunt about her specialty and what clients can expect when under her care.

What inspired you to become an esthetician?

I would say the challenges I faced with my own skin growing up and not having the resources as a young girl with severe acne inspired [my journey]. My confidence was an issue because back in the day they just told you to drink water when you break it out. We didn’t really have an education. I didn’t know anything about diet and what sugar, dairy, caffeine does to the skin.  Years later we have acne and we have scars and all this congestion in the skin so it inspired me to want to know more and become very passionate about it.

What treatments do you offer at B-New Beauty Studio?

I specialize in acne, both teenage and adult-onset acne. If you don’t handle acne in your childhood, it follows you into your adulthood. A lot of my clients have battled their entire lives with acne because they’ve inherited some of these food patterns that we have as a culture. I have clients that will say, ” I get it [acne] from my mom.” But, you get your habits from your mom and from your family. So because of those same habits, you have the same skin. About 86 percent of my clients are highly acne-prone.

How do you treat patients with different forms of acne?

I can look at your face and tell by a breakout where your challenges are. I can tell when you’re imbalanced. I just unpack. A lot of times acne is an internal battle. By the time I go through your habits, your supplements, your diet, I can really quickly figure it out. It can also be caused by allergies. Sometimes we’re doing all the healthy stuff, like our protein shakes and juicing and it could be too much citrus, dairy, or protein.

What advice do you have for those who don’t believe in sunscreen?

People with Black, melanated skin do get skin cancers. It may not be at as high of a percentage as non-Black people, but we do. Sunscreen is very important. We hyper pigment. We think we’re getting freckles, but we’re really getting age spots in our skin from the sun. Although the sun is good for you, it can also be the worst thing for your skin. Black may not crack, but it definitely does sag.