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Kenneth Harris shared wealth-building ideas at the 2020 RIDE Conference

Kenneth Harris, president and CEO, National Business League (Photo provided)

During a session of “Building a Relationship With Your Banker,” Kenneth Harris, the president and CEO of the National Business League, expanded on his theory that the banker is the most important person in the Black community at this moment. “You have to associate yourself with the experts in the game,” he said.

The panelists elaborated on how essential the financial banker is to everyone because now is the time to begin the journey of financial freedom.

Harris explained the importance of using this time to “build your tribe” because the Black community needs financial growth. “The Black community needs enlightened professionals,” he said. “This is the time where Black people are going into the knowing state to become entrepreneur minded.”

Viewers absorbed the financial knowledge given to them to start their own conversations about community development.

Harris encouraged viewers to connect and collaborate in order to grow and build generational wealth. “The revolution will not be televised, it shall be digitized,” he said. “Everything is already within you; you just have to go get it.”