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Michelle Obama provides ‘closing argument’ on voting for Joe Biden (video)

Michelle and Barack Obama (Photo source: Instagram – @michelleobama)

Michelle Obama is appealing to the emotions of the American populace as we embark on the most important election of our generation less than a month away. The former first lady, who attained her law degree from Harvard University, spoke on a video appropriately titled “Michelle Obama’s Closing Arguments.” In it, she spoke to why Joe Biden is best equipped to navigate the nation through the plethora of crises it’s facing today.

“We have the chance to elect a president who can meet this moment, a leader who has the character and the experience to put an end to this chaos, starting [with] solving these problems and help lighten the load for families all across the country,” Obama said in a YouTube video released by the Biden campaign on Tuesday. “And that leader is Joe Biden.”

Obama’s video is released on the eve of the first and only vice presidential debate between Democratic nominee Kamala Harris and incumbent Mike Pence in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020. Obama says Biden, who served as vice president under husband, former President Barack Obama, has the requisite experience, character and disposition to ensure the nation’s recovery from the pandemic and sociopolitical tumult.

“Our country is in chaos because of a president who isn’t up to the job, and if we want to regain any kind of stability, we’ve got to ensure that every eligible voter is informed and engaged in this election because the stakes are on display every day,” Obama says of the election that takes place on Nov. 3.

Take a look at the 24-minute video entitled “Michelle Obama’s Closing Argument” below: