Funniest celebrity reactions to the fly landing on VP Mike Pence’s head

Funniest celebrity reactions to the fly landing on VP Mike Pence's head
Kamala Harris and Mike Pence (Image source: YouTube/CNN)

The winner of the vice presidential debate on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, was not Kamala Harris or Mike Pence. It was a fly.

It was the fly seen around the world. For about 122 seconds, a common housefly became the most famous living creature in the world when it landed on Pence’s silver hair during the first and only VP debate in Salt Lake City. 

What made the spectacle even more remarkable is that flies, which normally dash away at the slightest movement, rested on Pence’s hair, even as the VP moved his head around while vigorously denying that there is evidence of racial animus in America.

Many celebrities commented and offered up humorous takes on the housefly that rested on Pence’s meticulously manicured mane. The most prominent of these was, not surprisingly, presidential candidate Joe Biden, who wasted no time capitalizing off this rare opportunity to needle his opponent:

Many other celebrities took to their Twitter accounts to offer their takes on the fly, including Gabrielle Union, Stephen King, actress Jackee and Keke Palmer. Check it out:

Actress Jackee said “That fly smelled bulls— so it landed right on Pence’s head. #VPDebate.”

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