Tracee Ellis Ross is ‘happily single’

Tracee Ellis Ross is 'happily single'
Tracee Ellis Ross (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Tracee Ellis Ross is “happily single.”

The “Black-ish” star doesn’t currently have a partner in her life but has said that while she’s “open to” the idea of finding someone to settle down with, she’s also more than happy with her “wonderful and robust experience of being single.”

She explained: “I am happily single, though that doesn’t mean I am not open to and don’t want a relationship. But in my wonderful and robust experience of being single, I have learned to have a productive relationship with loneliness and an intensely juicy relationship with my joyful solitude. I really enjoy my company.”

And Ross isn’t interested in having a relationship unless she can experience “wholeness” with herself first — no matter how “wonderful” the romance is.

She added: “People can be in wonderful relationships but can’t actually reap the joy of that connection. Because you can have all the good stuff, but if you don’t know how to be with it, it doesn’t matter. I realize that I hold the idea of wholeness with great reverence and respect because my goal is to have an experience with myself that is whole.”

The 47-year-old actress has also admitted she’s stopped “trying to be perfect,” as she’s realized it isn’t “realistic” to expect so much of herself.

Speaking to Shape magazine, she said: “I used to spend so much time trying to be perfect, to get it perfect. But that’s not realistic. Bad feelings come up. There was an element of risk to try something different — to try on the idea of: What if the universe is conspiring for good? Not necessarily mine, but what if I don’t have the full picture here? What if this is all OK? And that was the start of a turning point. If you keep putting good stuff in your cup, eventually it overflows. And you’ll be like, ‘Oh, I need a new container.’ ”

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