Dear Black men: We need you

Dear Black men: We need you

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Megan Thee Stallion hit us with a deep conversation about protecting Black women. Throughout history, there have been countless times that our voices have been squashed and our bodies have been victimized. Why are we forgotten? Why is our worth questionable?

After the vice presidential debate, the customary “angry black woman” conversation surfaced. Did Senator Kamala Harris downplay her “Blackness” to appease the masses? Black women have always had to tow the line of putting more emphasis on how to say it as opposed to just saying it. We are on the horizon of possibly electing the first woman and first woman of color to the second-highest office in our country. Yet we continue to have the same conversation about our mannerisms and body language.

Black women face racism from the world and within our communities because our Black men have let us down. We put in the work of being your protectors, but it appears that it’s not reciprocated. Women of color have naturally assumed the role of being behind the scenes — not seen and not heard. Victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, our pain and suffering have come at the hands of those who should love us.

We’ve been the mothers and fathers in our relationships. In other words, it’s been us that has stepped in to fill your role as a provider. As a result, we are marginalized and disrespected for assuming your responsibilities. We need love and affection from you. Desperate attempts to achieve them have been sidelined by referring to women as h–s and b——.

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