Dr. Kimberly Gilbert chronicles her experience in medical school in new book

Dr. Kimberly Gilbert chronicles her experience in medical school in new book
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Dr. Kimberly Gilbert, a board-certified Atlanta-based physician has penned a new book, So … When Do I See the Doctor? The book is about her journey to becoming a physician and the challenges she faced as a result of her race and gender and how she found the strength to complete medical school, residency, and beyond despite hardship.

What inspired you to write So … When Do I See the Doctor?

When I started my journey to becoming a physician, there were not any easily accessible stories to read that spoke candidly about the trials that many Black students and doctors, especially Black females, would experience from different perspectives on the road to success. More physicians are starting to tell their stories online, in magazines, and on TV, but I wanted to also give something a little “old school” in the form of a book. I wanted it to be comprehensive and honest. I also wanted it to be inspirational. The book not only addresses racism and sexism but also intra-racial and intra-cultural issues, and how people in positions of influence can oftentimes encourage or destroy whoever is listening to them.

What is the story behind the title?

My first patient in private practice was an older White male. After clearly introducing myself when I entered the patient’s room wearing my long white coat and name tag, spending over one hour with him listening to his concerns, examining him, reviewing imaging studies with him, and discussing my recommendations, he told me that I had a great plan before asking, “So … when do I see the doctor?”

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