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T.I. confirms his best friend urinated on Drake back in the day

Drake (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Grand Hustle boss T.I. has finally clarified and confirmed the long-held rumor that one of his best friends urinated on fellow rap superstar Drake during a private event.

Clifford “Tip” Harris Jr., 40, finally put to rest one of the genre’s longest-held whispers about his best friend, Terrance Beasley.

Tip resuscitated the 10-year-old soily tale in his latest cut “We Did It Big,” a collaboration with John Legend on T.I.’s newest album, The L.I.B.R.A. (The Legend is Back Running Atlanta). In the song, T.I. reminisces about some crazy old times with Beasley, aka Cap, who was murdered in prison nearly a year ago. One of those moments included the time Cap allegedly urinated on Drake during a private event in Los Angeles.

“While I’m fightin’ my own somehow got you home,” T.I. raps. “So drunk in LA, end up pissin’ on Drake, s—/F— it, that’s still my brother since back in the trap house.”

Five years ago, rapper Meek Mill exhumed the long-buried episode in an attempt to throw shade at Drake in the diss track “Wanna Know.”

“You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater n—-, we ain’t forget/Real n—- back in style this s— is lit/This that Ja Rule s— and 50 Cent.”

Journalist Julia Beverly had commented about the grimy scene back in 2015, though her platform is not as vast as Tip’s and therefore did not travel as far as the rap impresario’s.

So, there you have it. There was no golden shower on Drake as Meek Mill tried to insinuate. It was just a case of Tip’s extremely inebriated friend urinating on himself and some of it trickled on Drake, who was seated next to him. Drake, according to Bossip, merely cussed at Beasley — shouting, “What the f—!” — and then stomped out of the event.