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Politics » Ice Cube flips off D.L. Hughley and slams Don Lemon over CWBA criticism

Ice Cube flips off D.L. Hughley and slams Don Lemon over CWBA criticism

On Death Certificate, perhaps his most eloquent and politically charged album ever, Ice Cube penned a song called, “The Wrong N—- To F— Wit.” He attacked anyone and anything against his agenda, including Al Davis and the Raiders, police officers, the running man and more.

With his introduction of the Contract With Black America in recent months, Cube’s 2020 mood seems eerily reminiscent of his 1991 self, specifically through a heavily publicized  CNN interview with Chris Cuomo last week. At the onset of the dialogue between the two men, Cube thanked the journalist for having him on, before correcting him for claiming that he was working in concert with the current president.

After settling that minor dispute and engaging in dialogue that much of Black America wanted to hear, Cube thanked Cuomo again, but not before challenging another CNN host, Don Lemon, who had some disparaging words for Cube after his interview.

Cube took issue with Lemon’s stance and tweeted as much, ultimately demanding an appearance on his show.

“Thank you Chris @CuomoPrimeTime you’re a man of your word. @donlemon that was some punks a– sh– you just did. If you have any b–ls. I need to be on your show Monday night at 10pm. I’ll be ready,” Cube tweeted on Friday night, Oct. 16.

As of today, Tuesday, Oct. 21, the legendary rapper has yet to appear on Lemon’s show.

In another brewing Twitter feud, Ice Cube flipped off DL Hughley with a virtual middle finger after he posted an article whose title read: “Ice Cube Isn’t Winning At Chess — He’s Losing At Poker.”

If we know nothing after these two exchanges, Ice Cube is still who we know him to be – the wrong n—- to f— wit.