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Sports » Isiah Thomas agrees Michael Jordan was a ‘loser’ without Scottie Pippen (video)

Isiah Thomas agrees Michael Jordan was a ‘loser’ without Scottie Pippen (video)

Michael Jordan (Photo credit: / Lev Radin)

Isiah Thomas, one of the greatest NBA point guards of all time and a Hall of Fame inductee, reignited his decades-long feud with Michael Jordan when he agreed with a sports pundit that MJ was “a total and complete loser” without Scottie Pippen.

Jordan is universally considered the greatest player in NBA history. However, the debate as to whether LeBron James has a chance to supplant MJ and supersede his greatness has heated up after King James’ won his fourth NBA title when the Los Angeles Lakers vanquished the Miami Heat in six games.

Thomas and Jordan remain bitter enemies to this day, as exemplified in the record-setting ESPN documentary “The Last Dance,” even though their vicious on-court battles took place way back in the late 1980s.

When Fox Sports’ popular cohost Nick Wright began to outline Jordan’s failures on the show “First Things First,” Thomas was somewhere watching intently.

“Before Scottie Pippen got there, [Jordan was] a total and complete loser,” Wright raged. “Not just [because he] never got out of the first round. Not just because [he was] 1-9 in the playoffs. [Jordan] never even got above .500 in the regular season.”

Wright continued on with the long list of Jordan’s career failures in his argument that King James is the greatest player in the annals of NBA history.

Thomas not only retweeted Wright’s statement, but he also added that they are “facts,” which enraged a legion of Jordan fans.

Listen to Wright’s soliloquy below on the hot topic.

Jordan’s worldwide fanbase is extremely thick, and some of them came after Thomas for having the audacity to suggest that James is the G.O.A.T. (an acronym for “greatest of all time”).

After enduring the fan blowback for a while, Thomas clapped back on Twitter and flashed his credentials for added measure.

Flip the page to see how Thomas responded to Jordan’s disciples. Afterward, you can view the entire episode where Wright lays out why King James is the best ever, along with the other panelists’ responses.

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