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Music » Jeezy challenges fellow trap music legend T.I. to Verzuz battle

Jeezy challenges fellow trap music legend T.I. to Verzuz battle

Jeezy (Photo source: Steed Media)

Two legends of trap music could be the next to face off in a Verzuz battle.

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020, Jeezy became a trending topic on social media after he called out his Atlanta-based friend and fellow rapper, T.I.

The day began with T.I. respectfully declining a Verzuz challenge from Busta Rhymes. T.I. stated that the generational gap was too significant, with Busta Rhymes starting his career with the group Leaders of the New School in 1991, and T.I. releasing his debut album, I’m Serious, in 2001.

“I salute and respect Busta a whole lot,” T.I. said while speaking on Instagram Live. “I just think the generational gap might be a little too much.”

T.I. (Photo credit: Bang Media)

T.I. then mentioned Jeezy. “I have an incredible amount of respect for Young [Jeezy] and his catalog. Personal partner of mine. But if Young wanted this smoke, he’d say it.”

It didn’t take long for Jeezy to respond. “I don’t know what you’re avoiding me for,” he said on Instagram “I’ll tell you what, though. Since it means that much to you, put a date on it.”

T.I. replied in the comments, “Could this long time (sic) constituent of mine be referring to me?”

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the creators of Verzuz, have yet to respond to the prospects of a T.I.-Jeezy battle.