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Rapper Hurricane Chris indicted for second-degree murder

(Photo source: Instagram – @theofficialhurricanechris)

Hurricane Chris could be facing years behind bars. On Oct. 23, KSLA reported that Hurricane Chris, whose real name is Christopher Dooley, was indicted by a grand jury on a second-degree murder charge.

On June 19, Hurricane Chris, born Christopher Dooley, was allegedly involved in a conflict at a Texaco store in Shreveport, Louisiana. During the conflict, Dooley allegedly shot the victim, Danzeria O. Farris Jr., 32, multiple times. The victim died of his injuries at the hospital.

Shreveport police arrested Hurricane Chris at the scene of the crime after the rapper initially claimed that he shot the victim in self-defense following a failed carjacking attempt. However, the police disputed Hurricane Chris’ claim after viewing surveillance video. The video proved that the victim did attempt to steal a car, but it did not belong to Dooley.

Hurricane Chris gained notoriety during the early 2000s with songs such as “A Bay Bay,” “The Hand Clap” and “Halle Berry.”

“A Bay Bay” has garnered over 30 million views on YouTube. His follow-up single, “Halle Berry,” became another national hit and was a favorite for the actress who inspired the song. Berry danced to the song during an episode of “Ellen.”