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TV » Ice Cube responds harshly to getting spoofed by ‘SNL’ (video)

Ice Cube responds harshly to getting spoofed by ‘SNL’ (video)

Ice Cube (Photo by Jourdan Bender for Steed Media)

Ice Cube did not appreciate having his meeting with the White House about his “Contract With Black America” spoofed on “Saturday Night Live.”

Cube was slammed with a blizzard of criticism a few weeks ago after the president’s people erroneously boasted on Twitter that the Friday and Barbershop franchise film creator was now supporting the White House.

Joe Biden, played by comedian Jim Carrey, began to read a mock version of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. As he is reciting lines from the book, Ice Cube, played by Kenan Thompson, and Lil Wayne, played by Chris Redd, appeared.

In the skit, Carrey says: “Decent folks out there I ask, hasn’t Trump failed at his task? Do not elect him anymore. Though Ice Cube and Lil Wayne …”

That’s when Ice Cube and Lil Wayne reply “Are voting for …”

Carrey then says, “Why in the name of all that is holy would you be voting for Trump?”

Thompson and Redd say in unison, “Taxes!” with Redd adding: “Plus, Trump got a new Platinum Plan,”

Thompson follows up with: “That’s right! If you got a platinum record you can plan on him doing [a] photo op with you.”

Cube didn’t find the humor in the skit. The 51-year-old rapper, filmmaker and actor, who was born O’Shea Jackson, turned to Twitter on Sunday to give his angry assessment of the joke, writing:

“F— you SNL … trying to reduce me to greed.”  Watch the video

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