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‘Queen of Harlem’ Michelle Smalls pens code to success

Author Michelle Smalls (Photo courtesy of Latesia Horton, LvH Creative Media)

Michelle Smalls is known as the “Queen of Harlem” to many in New York City familiar with the influencer, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The issues confronting the nation’s youth became the basis for her new book, The Queen of Harlem Commandments. The book tells the story of growing up in Harlem and her transition from childhood to adulthood. It is the unwritten code that guided her on the journey to success.

Rolling out spoke with Smalls about her new book.

Who is Michelle Smalls, aka the “Queen of Harlem”? Briefly describe your personal brand.

To briefly describe who I am and my brand: I am an influencer, serial entrepreneur, real estate broker, owner of multiple investment properties and a philanthropist. For well over a decade, I have been a social impact leader focusing most of my work on servicing the youth in my community. I am also a mother, a daughter, a sister and a protector. I represent loyalty and determination.

What inspired you to write The Queen of Harlem Commandments?

The obstacles and pressures that society, institutions, media and the government put on the youth inspired me to write The Queen of Harlem Commandments. They would have the youth believe that if you had a rough childhood, grew up in poverty or made mistakes in your life that it disqualifies you from becoming a successful person. By sharing my story, I want troubled teens to know that the odds are not against you. Success is your birthright, and you can have anything you desire.

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