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#ATLJoe sets Twitter ablaze after Atlanta turns Georgia blue

Joe Biden (Photo: Shutterstock/By lev radin)

Do you remember Baby D’s hit record “ATL H–“? Well, the sentiment is trending again, but now it’s a political movement. The hashtag #ATLJoe is now a trend due to the overwhelming support of democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that ultimately turned the state of Georgia blue for the first time since 1996.

When most Americans went to sleep, Georgia was still considered a red state. By morning, it had become blue. As voters rejoiced, the #ATLJoe hashtag was born and now the most popular tweets have gone viral across social media platforms. Many Twitter users were shocked about the seemingly unbelievable feat.

One user wrote, “That boy Biden done flipped Georgia to Blue.” 

The comical trend even revitalized some of Atlanta’s other rap hits including the “Poole Palace.”

Another Twitter user asked, “What dance y’all doing when GA turns blue? imma do the Poole Palace – CLASSIC”

Check out some of the other comical posts shared on social media:

Others have also taken the time to commend Stacey Abrams for her relentless efforts to influence voter turnout in Georgia. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Abrams’ organization has worked to register more than 800,000 voters across the state of Georgia. Based on the presidential election results in Georgia, her work has not been in vain.