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Joe Biden elected 46th president of the United States

Joe Biden (Photo: Shutterstock/By lev radin)

Per a projection by CNN, Joe Biden has been elected by the people of the United States as the 46th president. His resounding victory comes over one of the most divisive leaders this country has ever seen.

Americans have been on the edge of their seats since election night, Tuesday, Nov. 3, and now the future of the most powerful nation in the world can move forward.

In a razor-thin race that has been in the balance over the past five days due to mail in ballots, early votes, etc., Biden pulled out the victory by clinching 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania, the state where he was born. The votes in Penn. shot Biden over the top from 253 electoral votes to 273 and it is presumed that he will gain upwards of 300 electoral votes before the race is officially called to an end.

Biden’s victory also cements Senator Kamala Harris as the first woman of color to be elected as vice president of the United States.