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50 Cent laughs at speculation about 45 possibly going to jail

50 Cent (Photo credit: Bang Media)

50 Cent took a jab at 45 on social media when he pondered the possibility of the lame-duck president ending up behind bars.

The 2020 election has been called, and on Jan. 20, 2021, 45 will lose the presidential cloak of immunity. For years, 45 has kept a tight lid on his tax returns, dodged lenders, and defaulted on massive loans which raises questions about what else he could be hiding. However, the presidency has protected him from criminal investigations but time is now running out.

On Friday, 50 Cent shared his reaction as the real possibility of 45 going to jail set in. The rapper posted a mock photo of 45 donning a bald head and orange jumpsuit. “Man they gonna do Trump dirty, he going to jail. You ever heard a president say stop counting the f—ing votes,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram.

50 Cent’s latest Instagram post comes less than a month after he faced backlash for endorsing 45. At the time, 50 Cent expressed concern about President-elect Joe Biden’s tax plan. After facing scrutiny, 50 distanced himself from 45.