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Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron joins other Republicans challenging election results

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. (Image source: Kentucky state government,

The prosecutor who exonerated three cops in Louisville, Kentucky, cops of homicide charges in her shooting death of Breonna Taylor is now fighting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, 34, issued a statement announcing that he is joining the current president and other Republicans in claiming that Joe Biden captured the presidency through fraudulent means.

Most striking is the fact that Cameron, a Republican who is based in Kentucky, is challenging the results of the Pennsylvania ballot count that Biden won on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020.

The action by Cameron and the GOP may be an effort in futility since Biden leads the president in Pennsylvania by more than 43,000 votes, according to CNN and The Associated Press. This is more than the number of mail-in ballots that conservatives are complaining about. Hence, even if Republicans and the president managed to overturn the mail-in ballot results, Biden would still win in Pennsylvania.

By the way, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has already struck down their lawsuit in a 4-3 vote, CNN reported and Cameron noted in his Twitter post.

Therefore, Cameron and the president are hoping the U.S. Supreme Court will render a different decision.