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Dr. Lauren W. Powell is on a mission to end generational health issues

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Lauren W. Powell is a board-certified family medicine physician. Also known as”The Culinary Doctor,” Powell’s on a mission to end generational health issues in the African American community.

Powell makes healthy eating accessible and enjoyable for all through her social media quick tips, Cooking Queen Monthly Recipe Subscription, and debut book, Food Essentials for the Busy Professional.

We spoke more with Powell to find out how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Describe how you made a decision to work in the health field as a career choice.

I had never met a doctor before. When I was in the eighth grade many of the other students said they wanted to be a doctor. At that young age, I truly believed that being someone’s doctor was an amazing way to have an impact on their life. So, I made the decision and stuck with it. Throughout my life, I have had many patient encounters that reaffirmed for me that I am indeed having a positive impact on someone’s health.

What are three challenges that health professionals face from managed care?

Limited time for patient visits;

Trying to get medications for patients when insurance continues to deny them;

Placing an emphasis on wellness and not just treating people when they are sick.

What are three factors that inspired you as a health professional to serve the community? 

Wanting to inspire young Black girls to become a doctor;

Serve my community in a relatable way;

Feeling a sense of honor to serve the community who made me who I am.

Describe your specialty and why you chose to focus on this area of health?

Family medicine, which allows me to partner with my patients throughout their lifetime.

What are three things people should give up in order to live a healthier life? 

Processed food, sugary beverages, high consumptions of meat.

In what way does sleep play an important role in good health?

Sleep is nature’s way for the body to heal, recover, and maintain total homeostasis. Adequate sleep also aids in weight loss and promotes healthy weight maintenance.

What is seen as harmless that, in fact, has an unhealthy impact on our lives?

Sedentary lifestyles, social media overload [and] inadequate social contact with family and friends.

What behavior changes do you suggest to most of your patients?

The elimination of “fast food” and sugary drinks from their diets. I try to encourage them to cook and prepare their own meals and to drink more water.

How has technology helped your patients?

Technology has made information and resources more readily available. Also, it allows me to do telehealth visits and have access to my patients during this COVID-19 crisis. Technology has been invaluable this year.

What are your favorite vacation spots and why?

Italy, the food.

Who are at least two of your favorite authors and why?

Maya Angelou: she has so many classics and rereading them at different stages of life brings new lessons. Mark Hyman: lots of great content on health and nutrition.

Who are your favorite human beings and why?

My husband and my mother.

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