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J. Prince releases limited-edition wine collection in time for the holidays

J. Prince (Image source: Instagram – @jprincerespect)

J. Prince is a notorious hip-hop CEO for his ability to make things happen, with the cards stacked in his favor or not. When it comes to business ventures, he is nothing short of brilliant either, having built one of the most successful record labels in the industry, managing some of the industry’s most influential talents and ultimately earning his stripes in the professional boxing arena.

Just in time for the holidays, the 56-year-old author and undisputed music mogul is releasing a variety of spirits that he expects will satisfy any wine connoisseur’s palate. The new product, Loyalty Brand, includes four versions — Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Rosé and Merlot — that have all been tried and tested in France for ultimate satisfaction.

Sourced by Maison Le Star, a French winery, the varieties found began earning national claim in the states on Oct. 31, 2020.

“Wine has become my wind-down beverage of choice,” says J. Prince. “As an entrepreneur, I’ve always believed in starting businesses that spoke to me and my lifestyle. Maison Le Star is a top producer of winemaking grapes and the perfect partner in this business.”

The Loyalty brand’s premium packaging includes screw cap closures, while each bears a crown, which is meant to celebrate the royalty within each deserving consumer. Hence its fitting mantra: “exquisite taste deserves premium packaging.”

“As a major French wine player, we at Maison Le Star are very proud and truly honored that J. Prince decided to trust us with this amazing project,” says Chloé Chadeau, Maison Le Star’s U.S. export manager. “He’s been an inspiration throughout this journey, and all of our team gave the best to meet the expectations of this incredible wine collection. As a business partner, we will continue to show J. Prince that Respect and Loyalty are values we cherish at Maison Le Star.”