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News2 » Gucci Mane mocks killing of Jeezy’s friend prior to their Verzuz challenge

Gucci Mane mocks killing of Jeezy’s friend prior to their Verzuz challenge

Rapper Jeezy. (Photo source: Twitter – @jeezy)

With the announcement that Gucci Mane would face off against Jeezy in the latest installment of the pop phenomenon call Verzuz, most rap fans assumed that all past beef had been squashed.

But it appears that the icy relations between the two hip-hop heavyweights have not thawed after 15 years.

Just days before Jeezy and Gucci square off in the live musical challenge, Gucci delivered a meme that some have called petty and vicious.

Gucci posted a photo on Instagram showing an old court cam of a father lunging at his daughter’s suspected murderer. Gucci captioned the photo with “go dig ya partna up n—-. I bet he can’t he say s—.”

Those words are lyrics extracted from Gucci’s 2012 track “Truth.” The single talks about the real-life death of Jeezy’s friend, Henry L. Clarke III, aka rapper Pookie Loc.

Back in 2005, according to Complex magazine, Pookie Loc and other men burst into Gucci’s home and began beating him up over some alleged beef. Somehow, Gucci managed to get ahold of his firearm, then shot and mortally wounded Pookie, causing all the men to flee the premises. Pookie did not get very far, however. His body was later discovered near an elementary school.

Gucci was consequently arrested and initially charged with Pookie’s murder. However, all the charges were eventually dropped against Gucci as he successfully argued self-defense.

Moreover, the violent home invasion took place not long after Gucci believes Jeezy put a $10,000 bounty on his head over their dispute over the song “Icy.”

Gucci also referenced the alleged bounty in his song “Truth,” saying: “A $10,000 bounty put on my neck I hope you didn’t pay them, ’cause they didn’t have no success.”

This latest news has only served to ratchet up the tensions and drama that will certainly amplify the anticipation for the weekend Verzuz battle.