Lamar Odom celebrates teen’s birthday after mother was killed in front of him

Sabrina Parr continues with her long IG message about surprising Jeremiah for his birthday after his mother was killed.

“I really wanted to do this for her and for him. Especially now since I can’t imagine how he feels after losing his mother!

“Long story short, with the help of @urfavbarber , we were able to get it handled! Lamar flew in and surprised him at his 14th birthday party! Not only did he get to meet him, he got a signed basketball that was requested for him! I also framed the message that his mother sent to me and gave it to him as a gift to show him that his mother was always thinking of him and wanting to make him happy.

“I hate that it had to happen under these circumstances, but I am so happy @lamarodom was able to put a smile on his face. Lamar also lost his mom when he was around that age so he definitely was able to empathize with him!

“I really hope you enjoyed your birthday! We are praying very hard for you and your family.


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