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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders » Stephanie Davis of Empower Media Group helps companies achieve their goals

Stephanie Davis of Empower Media Group helps companies achieve their goals

Stephanie Davis, founder of Empower Media Group (Photo provided)

Award-winning entrepreneur Stephanie Davis, founder of Empower Media Group, Black Media United and director of public relations for Our Women in Politics spoke with rolling out about Empower Media Group and what it takes to prepare companies to achieve their goals.

How did the Empower Media Group come about?
That’s a great question. Empower Media Group was born out of a passion to help others. It’s what drives me to get out of bed in the morning, and to do this work. I wanted to grow my company, so I turned to cultivating a culture around purpose. I started in the media space first as a writer for a comedy magazine. I always had a passion for helping people. What started as doing favors for individual brands later evolved into me starting my own public relations, branding and advertising design firm. I just always knew I didn’t want to exit this world without empowering God’s people and impacting his world through business. The pulpit wasn’t my platform; entrepreneurship is my platform. I realized there’s purpose in cntrepreneurship.

What’s the difference between PR and marketing?
If we can add branding to this question that would be the added bonus because many misunderstood all three. Branding, marketing and PR efforts all live within the same system — intended to grow your market share from different angles. While branding, marketing and PR serve different functions, they are all vital elements in the best organizations’ communications strategies.

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