T.I. makes bold claim suggesting women do not really want a faithful man

T.I. makes bold claim suggesting women do not really want a faithful man
T.I. (Photo credit: Bang Media)

T.I. sparked a heated debate on social media when he argued what he believes women refuse to admit about themselves. According to the famed Atlanta rapper, women do not want a man who “who ain’t got no b——.”

During a recent segment of his podcast “ExpediTIously,” T.I., who has long made headlines for cheating on his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle multiple times, suggested that being desired by multiple women makes men more appealing.

“Them women don’t really want a man who ain’t got no b——,” T.I. said. “That’s what attract you to that n—- ’cause he had b—–, that energy, that misogyny you speak so poorly of.”

For many fans, the implication came across as if his wife tolerates his cheating simply because it makes him more desirable and it opened the door for a heated debate. While many shared their opinion of T.I.’s views, others expressed disapproval of the rapper, himself, highlighting his sordid past, previous affairs, and marital problems that played out on the internet.

“Clearly he’s speaking about women with low self-esteem that feel the need to be ‘chose,’ one person wrote. “A real woman who’s secure in herself and knows her value wouldn’t give a man with ‘b—–‘ a second look.”

Another person wrote, “So I suppose this clown will teach his daughters don’t stress if their bf or husbands bust it wide all over the place!! Just as long as he can buy them bags and used luxury vehicles!!! Smdh”

T.I. has yet to respond to the backlash.

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