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Young Thug ripped for claiming he’s never listened to André 3000 (video)

Rap legend Andre 3000 (Photo Credit: Steed Media)

Young Thug is being fried and charred on social media after the Atlanta native had the audacity to say he’s never listened to any of the music from André 3000, an undeniable ATL legend and pioneer.

Thug made the preposterous utterance on fellow Atlanta native and music mogul T.I.’s “ExpediTIously” podcast this past week.

Young Thug’s refusal to recognize André Benjamin’s towering legacy and impact on hip-hop, particularly in Atlanta, incited outrage by Dre and OutKast fans.

“I can’t rap you two André 3000 songs. I ain’t never paid attention to him. Never in my life,” Thugger told Clifford “T.I.” Harris Jr.

A stunned T.I. tried to check Thug for making such outlandish verbalizations, as all three rap stars were born and raised in the Georgia capital city. He reasoned it would be an impossibility not to have heard of Dre’s music — especially since they are in the same industry.

T.I. inquired as to why Young Thug can collaborate with the much older Sir Elton John, yet would not consider collaborating with Andre 3000. This is when Thugger gave an indication that there is some personal animosity towards André 3000 that inspired his rancorous outburst toward him.

“But the difference between Elton John and André is – to simplify it – Elton John likes to kiss a–, and Dre likes his a– kissed,” Thugger told Tip. “Elton John like ‘Hey! I like you, I remember your first song, I remember Gucci first song. When Guwop getting out?’ He a fan type of n—–, to the point where I’m like, ‘Let’s do music,’ and he’s like, ‘N—– bet!’ André more like, ‘This is his secretary. Tell the n—– it’s Thug, n—–‘” Young Thug rationalized.

Twitter and Instagram were not having it and slow-roasted Young Thug over metaphorical hot coals for spewing what they believe is blatant dishonesty.

Some Thugger loyalists say they understand his perspective in that he doesn’t believe Dre has shown love to the newer generation.






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