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Music » Fat Joe says he turned down millions to fight 50 Cent, praises Nate Robinson

Fat Joe says he turned down millions to fight 50 Cent, praises Nate Robinson

Photo: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media

Fat Joe has joined a growing list of celebrities and entertainers that are taking a stand for retired NBA player Nate Robinson, who was decimated by YouTuber Jake Paul in a celebrity boxing match on the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones undercard.

The outspoken rapper expressed his opinion about the fight during a chat with R&B siren Mya, talking up Robinson’s heart while offering it takes tremendous guts to fight on national television.

“How many of you would have the heart to get in the ring at a Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight and fight one-on-one against another guy,” Joe asked his audience while awaiting Mya. “And so, yeah, he caught the L. But it’s so much heart of a lion to go in there and fight and I don’t think people are giving him the respect they should. And then a lot of people on social media, meaning you, just like to talk sh–. Basically, you wouldn’t do the sh– yourself.”

It appears Fat Joe is speaking from his own personal experience, as he once had to consider fighting for a large purse of money himself. Joe famously beefed with 50 Cent years ago and says even though he was offered a huge bag to settle their differences, he opted out.

“I wouldn’t do it. When I had beef with 50 Cent, people were, like, fake offering me $10 million, $5 million, to go fight 50 one-on-one. I’m not scared of 50. I’d fight him for free half the time! But to get knocked out on TV, it’s tough and I don’t think we’re giving [Nate] his respect. He got knocked out, I get it. It was explosive, it was crazy. I get it. But you can’t keep trying to kill our people that got the courage to entertain us.”

Peep Joe’s comments about the celebrity fight at the 4-minute mark after the jump.

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