Sacha Stewart gives women tips for using fashion to complement their body types

What wardrobe options should women experiment with to offset gaining a few COVID pounds or to liven up a bad hair day? 

I like to mix and match [oversized] pieces so that it doesn’t bring attention to the areas where you may have gained weight. There are days that I don’t feel like holding in my stomach, or if my stomach is bloated, I like to wear oversized pieces because it’s more about the outfit, not your waist being snatched.

These pieces still look cute and can show off a waist even if you belt it. For example, I have a dress called “chill day hoodie,” which is a cotton hoodie with a drawstring that’s cute and casual and you don’t have to walk around sucking your stomach in the entire evening.  I also have a dress called a newspaper print that’s a button-down dress that can be styled so many different ways. It can be paired with tennis shoes, boots, different colors, etcetera. Everything doesn’t have to be body-conscious.

Another tip is, if you are having a bad hair day, pull your hair back and add some statement piece earrings. You can turn a bad hair day into a fierce day. Just make sure you do your makeup and lashes.

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