K. Michelle crucified for saying ‘it hurts’ not to be mentored by R. Kelly

K. Michelle crucified for saying 'it hurts' not to be mentored by R. Kelly
R. Kelly (Photo Credit: Splash News)

Music fans wonder aloud if K. Michelle flushed the last vestiges of her career down the commode after waxing poetically on how much she misses R. Kelly and how he saved her life and music career.

Early on Wednesday morning, Dec. 9, 2020, the singer and former reality TV star of “Love & Hip Hop” penned a soliloquy on Twitter about how she had always trusted the embattled “Bump N’ Grind” crooner. She acknowledged she misses his mentorship and feels trepidation about having to step out on her own musically.

Kimberly Michelle Pate, 34, hastened to add that she doesn’t condone Kelly’s allegedly deep-seated depravity and criminalities. Nor did she equate R. Kelly, 53, to some sort of political prisoner. The former cast member on the Hollywood and Atlanta franchises of “Love & Hip Hop” conveyed pain on no longer having that musical savant to draw artistic nourishment from.

Robert Sylvester Kelly, 53, is in prison awaiting trial on almost two dozen state and federal charges in Illinois and New York related to sexual abuse, pedophilia, racketeering, obstruction of justice, the Mann Act and other transgressions.

Kelly is expected to go to trial in 2021. In the meantime, Michelle seems to yearn for yesteryear in a series of Twitter posts.

With the exception of a few, Twitter mostly chastised Michelle for, at the very least, not possessing the prudence to avoid publicly articulating such thoughts in the manner she chose to.


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