Designer Dorian Webb pays homage to BLM with inspiring cuff bracelet of hope

How does this cuff tie into your evolution as a designer?

I have been designing jewelry for almost 30 years now. While I still absolutely creating pieces that encourage women to see themselves as the magnificent people they are, I think that … everyone has the opportunity and the responsibility to effect the change they want to see. No one can define for you what that looks like. For me, being a force for change meant designing a piece that would draw people in and invite a discussion. It is not a statement piece, but a conversation piece.

What is the significance of the ribbon?

The undulating ribbon has meaning. Its movement, similar to that of a flag proudly waving in the air, feels particularly American. And the script I chose and had it engraved by hand into the rippling ribbon was selected for a reason. I wanted it to evoke the feeling of the Constitution, the document that is supposed to grant us all inalienable rights. Clearly, those rights were meant for a specific few, but by all rights, should have equally included African Americans. While Black Lives Matter is a powerful movement that is now helping to push back against systemic racism, I think that the concept of Black lives mattering is one that should have always been honored. The ribbon is a testament to that.

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